Asperger’s Children and Helpful Information for Diagnosis

For every parent who is looking for the proper or right diagnosis for his or her Asperger’s child or teenager, knowing some of the subtle distinctions are important. Since Asperger’s is on the Autism Spectrum it is wise and informative to understand some of Asperger’s subtle differences from those of other psychological issues.

Most Important Factor in Diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome

The most important thing that you can do for your child is to make sure that the person making the diagnosis, for instance, a psychologist, is an expert who has had experience in identifying those who are on the Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD). It is of utmost importance that the specialist has experience working with children who have had a proper diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome.

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Proper Diagnosis Of Children With Asperger’s

The diagnosis of Asperger’s has special requirements. Some of these prerequisites for a proper diagnosis are:

  • The child and parents should have sessions with a psychologist so that he or she can observe the child in several situations.
  • Parents should complete a check list or questionnaire on their child.
  • Asperger’s children need average or above average IQ for the right diagnosis.
  • See a neurologists or a developmental pediatrician. They may want to test for fragile X and other conditions.
  • Speech and language evaluation. Asperger’s children often display problems in the area of the practical use of language or the proper use or interpretation of language.
  • An occupational therapist can help with sensory issues.

Evaluations to Help Diagnose Asperger’s Children

There is so much information to remember in the proper diagnosis of an Asperger’s child. It is good to understand some of the individual evaluations that may be used to help diagnose Asperger’s or Autism Spectrum Disorder in children.

  • The Social Communication Questionnaire (SCQ) published by Western Psychological Services.
  • The Wechsler Intelligence Scale (WISC) for children. This is used to determine IQ level.
  • The Developmental Behavior Checklist (DBC-T). This is the teacher’s checklist.
  • The Developmental Behavior Checklist (DBC-P). This is the parent’s checklist.

As these are only a few of the tests that can assist in evaluating a child with Asperger’s or who is within the Autistic Spectrum, it will help to contact organizations such as Parents Helping Parents and San Andreas Regional Center. Both organizations serve those who have disabilities and need resources that will help them fulfill their individual goals.