Jennifer Lawrence’s Tattoo Mistake was a Mess, but She Just Shrugged It Off

Jennifer Lawrence might not have only gotten one tattoo on her hand and it was a mess. Unlike other actresses who have grown up in the limelight, J Law didn’t seem to have gone crazy when it comes to tattooing her body. She has still maintained a clean look as we don’t see Jennifer Lawrence tattoo all over the place. Since her first one was a disaster, she might not go for another one any time soon.

Jennifer Lawrence seems to be flawless in many people’s eyes. Sadly, it can’t be said with the seemingly erroneous tattoo that she had on her hand. It was supposed to be the chemical formula for water, but it didn’t go well.

She revealed that she felt embarrassed of her tattoo and she regrets getting one. It was meant to be for The Hunger Games, the hit movie where she was the lead.

Despite the mistake, Jennifer seemed to have taken it lightly. She even joked that she should have Googled it first before having it permanently inked on her body.

Aside from the H2O tattoo, Jennifer doesn’t have any other visible tattoo. She has maintained a clean image. It could also be due to all her endorsements.

J Law has never failed to make heads turn at the red carpet. She may not have crazy and bold fashion statements, but her sheer beauty is always what makes her outstanding.

She may be very vocal and sometimes, wild, when it comes to expressing her opinions, but not necessarily when it comes to inking her body.

People love this actress as she is never afraid to make mistakes or just have fun in public. She even makes fun of herself all the time.

Without a doubt, this A-list actress is the kind of best friend everyone wants to have. She has remained humble through the years.

Aside from being a pretty face, she is also an amazing actress. Some people even think that she could be on her way to be the next Meryl Streep.

Given her first tattoo fail, it could take a while before she is convinced to get one again. If she does, she will definitely make it right.