Who Else Saw Eve Torres’ Wardrobe Malfunction?

People love watching WWE not just because of the entertainment value that we get from seeing wrestlers grapple themselves to the ground. It is also interesting to watch, especially when the female wrestlers prance about in their sexy attire. One of the most popular female wrestlers is Eve Torres, who is now retired. People talk of Eve because of the numerous awards she received as a wrestler. Another reason for her popularity is the famous Eve Torres wardrobe malfunction.

Because she has a beautiful face and full figure, she became popular as one of the top 15 WWE Divas who experienced a wardrobe malfunction.

Eve Torres is currently an American actress, a practitioner and instructor for Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a former professional wrestler, model and dancer.

It is typical for women wrestlers to wear very revealing and sexy clothing during a WWE match. Eve was no exception.

Her indecent exposure happened when she was on her way to win the Divas Championship. During one of her matches, she was caught with a crotch shot like this.

Though she was pinned down with this predicament, it did not stop her from winning 3 championships in a row, in 3 separate occasions.

It became controversial because people noticed the size of her crotch. Her privates were significantly protruding from her lower bottom. It overshadowed the fact she won her way into the Divas Search and eventually championed the Divas Revolution.

If she did not have the heart and buns of steel, she would not have been able to withstand the flak she got from netizens criticizing her crotch.

She first won in 2010 as champion in the WWE Diva Championship. Then won again in the 2011 Royal Rumble. Her third time to win was in 2013, the Divas Championship, Night of Champions.

When she retired from the wrestling arena, she decided to become an instructor for the Gracie Women Empowered self-defense program.

Eve will be forever remembered for her solid performances in the ring, her exceptional skills as a female wrestler and the professionalism she displayed while her crotch was on display.