Harry Truman Facts – The Biography

Harry S. Truman was the 33rd president of the United States. He was from Lamar, Missouri and was born on May 8, 1884. When the Little White House was created in 1890, the family of Truman decided to move to Independence, Missouri.

Truman had a really poor eyesight. This was the reason why Harry had a hard time being a part of any sports. Even if this was the case, he was able to excel in music and reading.  He was a self-confessed bookworm. He had always been an avid reader. As a matter of fact, he once said that he got to read every book found in the Independence Public Library. Aside from his fascination for books, he was also a keen musician. He played the piano and he was really good at it.

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The parents of Truman were not really able to afford college. This was rather an unfortunate reality of their life for Harry was an excellent student. Another problem was added for his eyesight hindered him to be a part of the West Point. After his high school graduation in the year 1901, Truman decided to work instead. He became a part of various jobs which include banking, oil drilling and farming. In 1917, the World War I was launched in full force. This was the time when Truman decided to join the army instead. He was able to serve France. He was the captain then. However, he had to leave it in May 1919. A month after that, he was married to Elizabeth Wallace.

There are Harry Truman facts which are interesting enough. For example, he came without middle name. In order to please and honor his grandfathers, he was only give S by his parents. Solomon Young and Anderson Shipp Truman were his grandparents. Regardless, S did not stand for anything. For his entire lifetime, he did not include a period with it too. The moment he was elected the president, there were editors of the Chicago Style Manual who informed Truman the need to have the period on his name omitted. There were claims that it was not proper in grammar. They even said it was a bad example that might be followed by the American youths. Since then, the 33rd president of the United States was called Harry S. Truman. If not, all of the letters in his name could be placed together to form HarrySTruman.

Not all of his endeavors succeeded. He actually failed in the Haberdashery business. There was a time when Truman decided to run as a country judge. This was the title given for most country commissioners. This occurred in Jackson County, MO.

In the year 1924, he was set for another re-election. However, he did not win. This was the sole and very election he lost. But then, he was re-elected as judge again way back in 1926. This was a post he was able to maintain until 1934. This changed because he ran for the senate. He won right after.